Wettbewerbs- und Werberecht

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Titel: Wettbewerbs- und Werberecht


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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.2014

Beschreibung Wettbewerbs- und Werberecht

Wettbewerbs- und Werberecht. Volume 3 deals with the relationships between firms in relation to media products. It examines issues of media concentration in the fields of music, the press, and broadcasting as well as related topics in copyright law, competition law, brand-name law, and domain rights, including protection of work titles, seals, and logos. O Castendyk, S Fock, A Frisch, T Hennig, U Hildebrandt, A R Klett, U Müller, M Murza, S Ory, A v Walter, B Weichhaus, K-I Wöhrn;